Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 136!

Happy Tuesday!

We'll start today by finishing up with our group posters. Then we will take some time to present to the other group. As you are watching the presentation, be sure that you take notes over the important aspects of the presentation (trust me there are important aspects).

After that, we will do our VOCABULARY for the week! (Yee haw!)

Remember, for each word you need:

  • Word
  • Part of speech
  • Definition (IN YOUR OWN WORDS)
  • Visual representation
  • Example Sentence
  • Fun way to remember it
Here are our words for the week: 
  • aghast
  • chagrin
  • daunt
  • efficacious
  • reproof
  • respite
With the remaining time, we are going to start learning about knights! (No, not like Mrs. Knight).

Your Task: Research the activities of real knights of the medieval period. (Be sure to record your sources.)
  • How were knights appointed?  
  • Who/ What were they expected to defend?  
  • What, if anything, did they have to do to prove their bravery and strength?  
  • What were some values or virtues desired in knights?
  • What parallels can you draw between the job description of a knight and that of a modern profession that requires similar attributes?

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