Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 171!

Happy Friday!

I hope you're not too sad that you don't get to see me today! I'm sorry I'm not there.

Today, you will get to practice with the appeals that we talked about yesterday. Please pick ONE of the options on this Persuasive RAFTS Activity. These will be due at the end of the period. Please email or share your projects with me before you leave. If you decide to do this on paper, please put it in the 7th hour tray before you leave.

If you finish early, please log into one of these two databases and begin to look around for a topic for your essay. You will pick a current "hot topic" issue that interests you. Your goal will be to write a 2 page essay persuading the reader to think the way you do. These are the only two databases that I would like you to use for this assignment, as they present articles with various points of view. Do NOT use Google, please. Today, though, after you finish your RAFTS, I'd just like you to look around in these databases and select your topic. We will begin our thesis statements on Monday.

SIRS Researcher
Points of View Reference Center

Password: haea11

This information will work for both sites. Once you enter the information, it will take you to a screen with a link to the databases. Click the link for access.

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 168!


Today, we will finish up talking about arguments and counterarguments based on the cards that you were assigned yesterday.

THEN, we will talk about the types of persuasive appeal, and you'll practice with this RAFTS Activity!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 167!

Happy Happy Monday!

We get to start talking about persuasive writing today! We'll take a look at an awesome presentation, and then we will do a short activity to practice arguments and counterarguments! Whoop whoop!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 157!

Happy Friday!

Today will be a work day for your Original Arthurian Legends. Please have your rough drafts ready to go for TUESDAY (that's a change)!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 155!

Happy Wednesday!

We'll start today by talking a little bit about the writing assignment that you completed yesterday.

Then, we will move on to our final project for our Medieval Literature unit! I sent out a document via Doctopus earlier this morning. But, you can also view the details HERE. You can access the rubric HERE!

After we talk through my expectations for this project, you will have time to work!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 145!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed your extended weekend and your prom!

Today, we will finish up with "Le Morte d'Arthur". We will talk a little about the story to refresh your memories, and then we will do some work with characterization.

As you were reading, you were to create a web for each character that was introduced into the story. On the web, you were to include: character traits, evidence of the character trait, and the method of characterization (remember STEAL).

Your task today is to create a poster for a character in "Le Morte d'Arthur" who you think is either the most admirable or least admirable person in the story. The poster is to serve several purposes: 1) to show you understand how to analyze the characterization of a story 2) to show that you can identify the method of characterization 3) to persuade your classmates to vote for your character as "Most Admirable" or "Least Admirable"character.  Your poster should include the following things:

On the front:

  1. Image(s) that represent the type of person that character is.
  2. 6 Word Memoir that represents the character's personality. (Think about what their motto in life would be) 
On the back:
  1. Write a paragraph(s) explaining why you think your character is the most OR least admirable character in this story. Be sure to use examples from your character web and at least one piece of text evidence (quote) from the story! You're trying to convince the class to vote for your character to earn the award of Most or Least admirable. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 136!

Happy Tuesday!

We'll start today by finishing up with our group posters. Then we will take some time to present to the other group. As you are watching the presentation, be sure that you take notes over the important aspects of the presentation (trust me there are important aspects).

After that, we will do our VOCABULARY for the week! (Yee haw!)

Remember, for each word you need:

  • Word
  • Part of speech
  • Definition (IN YOUR OWN WORDS)
  • Visual representation
  • Example Sentence
  • Fun way to remember it
Here are our words for the week: 
  • aghast
  • chagrin
  • daunt
  • efficacious
  • reproof
  • respite
With the remaining time, we are going to start learning about knights! (No, not like Mrs. Knight).

Your Task: Research the activities of real knights of the medieval period. (Be sure to record your sources.)
  • How were knights appointed?  
  • Who/ What were they expected to defend?  
  • What, if anything, did they have to do to prove their bravery and strength?  
  • What were some values or virtues desired in knights?
  • What parallels can you draw between the job description of a knight and that of a modern profession that requires similar attributes?